Happy Mother’s Day!

I just wanted to send a quick classroom update and wish all of our Pre-K mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day! Some of the responses when asked why they love their mom were: “I just wanna marry her”, “She’s a perfect girl”, “I just love her so much”, “She’s the best” and “She makes me so happy”. I hope all of you mom’s are able to enjoy your special day this weekend!

We are so excited to be continuing Pre-K at school as scheduled! We will get to play in the gym every day, have lots of outside time and complete lots of other fun activities!

This week our theme was centered around frogs and we read a silly story that has repetitive text your child can join in on. We also learned a fingerplay, Five Green and Speckled Frogs. I have linked below the song as well as a picture of the words. See if your child remembers the actions! We also made a fun frog craft that was sent home that we worked on drawing shapes in order to make the frog’s face. We need lots of practice drawing circles and squares!

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallwed a Frog Story

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Five Speckled Frogs Printable And Activity Ideas - Craft Play Learn

Here are some pictures of our outside play from the last few weeks! We will continuing to be outside often and even bringing our play centers outside sometimes!

Have a great weekend and I will see you next week!

Mrs. Lawrence

Springtime fun!

Hello everyone! We have been enjoying the Spring weather and completing many fun Spring activities in and out of the classroom. Here are a few Spring stories that we have read in the classroom and then we have completed crafts to accompany them. These stories are all repetitive so you will find that your child is able to read along with you.

Pete the Cate Five Little Bunnies Story– your child will know this whole story and the actions as this is similar to “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”.

Chicken Little Story– in class we always said together “I saw it with my eyes, I heard it with my ears and a piece of it fell on my tail!”

Pete the Cat the Itsy Bitsy Spider Story– in this story you will find the familiar song “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” to sing and complete the actions.

One of the crafts we completed was a chick that is now hanging on the bulletin board outside of our classroom. We used a fork to paint and then drew on body parts!

We also have been enjoying our time in the gym and outside. This week with the M/W class and next week with the T/TH class is all about the parachute in the gym! This is always a favourite and a great opportunity to practice following directions through fun games. This week the T/TH class spent lots of time outside with chalk, cars and trucks and buckets and pails.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence

Happy Spring Break!

Another week has flown by in Pre-K and now we are on Spring Break! I will see everyone back on Wednesday, April 7th for the M/W class and Thursday, April, 8th for the T/TH class. I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break and Easter. We had fun in Pre-K this week completing many Easter themed activities. Linked below is an Easter story as well as some Easter themed songs that develop our letter recognition and counting skills.

The Night Before Easter Story

BUNNY song

5 Little Bunnies Song

We also completed an Easter egg craft and an Easter bunny craft. For the Easter egg craft we glued on different coloured strips of paper onto an egg shape. These strips could go in any direction we wanted and they all turned out so unique! We also made a fun Easter bunny, check out some pictures below!

The M/W class had gym this week and we pretended to be Easter bunnies on scooters and had to deliver all of the Easter eggs to the Easter baskets. This was a great opportunity to work on our gross motor skills as well as colour match! The T/TH class spent time outside this week and since there was no snow this week (until today!) we were able to colour on the sidewalk with chalk! This is a great way to develop our drawing and printing skills.

Happy Spring Break and Easter! I can’t wait to see everyone back after the break!

Mrs. Lawrence

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Important Reminders

We had so much fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday and Thursday in Pre-K this week so I wanted to share some pictures! If your child didn’t already tell you, make sure to ask them who visited our classroom (the leprechaun) what he did (messed up our room) and what he left behind (shamrock good luck coins).

Here are two of the stories we read this week:

Ten Lucky Leprechauns Story

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day Story

A few important dates and updates for you:

  • March 29th – April 2nd- Spring Break- No School
  • Monday, April 5th and Tuesday April 6th – No School
  • Please also see the attached poster below for 2021-2022 BFPA Virtual Online Open Houses on Wed. March 24th and Mon. April 12th.  You can sign up: here.  It is best if you are on a computer to complete the form to sign up. 

See you next week!


Rainbow Activities & March Reminders

Hello everyone! We have had a wonderful last few weeks in Pre-K and have been enjoying the beautiful weather! The last few weeks we have continued to focus our learning on kindness and also rainbows. We themed our activities around the stories “Rainbow Fish” and “Elmer”. I have linked both stories below.

Rainbow Fish Story

Elmer Story

We worked on our fine motor skills with some fun crafts to go with both of these stories. For our Rainbow Fish story we were able to paint, cut and glue. Each Rainbow Fish we created has one sparkly scale because in the story the Rainbow Fish discovers the importance of sharing and gives a sparkly scale to each of his friends. We all loved doing a group craft and painting Elmer the patchwork elephant.

Outside play has been such a highlight for us! We even had the opportunity to snow paint with rainbow colours! One day while out on the playground we also discovered coloured ice blocks which were fun to stack and build with!

Here are a few rainbow songs that are a fun way to learn our colours:

I Can Sing a Rainbow

The Rainbow Colours Song

Important Reminders:

  • 2021-2022 Registration for Pre-K is open until March 31. If you have a child not yet registered, you can follow the link below for information or if know anyone that is looking to register their child in Pre-K for next year, you could pass along this link: https://www.brightfuturesplayacademy.ca/registration.html
  • Wed. March 17th and Thurs. March 18th wear green for St. Patrick’s Day!
  • No School from March 29th – April 6th for Spring Break and Easter. Here are our calendars for your reference: M/W Calendar T/TH Calendar

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Mrs. Lawrence