Pre-K Activities- Thursday, April 2nd

Hi Pre-K!  I am excited to have a story to share with you below, please check it out!

Mrs. Lawrence read’s Pete the Cat- 5 Little Bunnies:

Here is also the link to the story online so that you can see the pictures better, as well as a 5 Little Bunnies song for you to sing.  See if you can count with your fingers and do the actions while singing the song!



I also wanted to share with you a craft that Ms. Starla, Ms. Sam, Ms. Lyn  and I have worked on in the classroom this week and see if you would like to do it at your house, as well.  Many of my neighbours in Sylvan Lake have been decorating their windows with hearts as a way of sending kind messages to everyone that they can’t see in person and we thought we would put some hearts up in our classroom window, as well, as a way of letting you know we are thinking of you, even though we can’t see you in person.   If you and your family decorate hearts and put them in your windows, send a picture to my email!  Here are our messages to you, that are now being displayed in our classroom window!

Parents/caregivers: please feel free to use any supplies you have on hand to have your child decorate hearts- paper, markers, crayons, glitter, stickers, etc.  When your child is drawing, cue them to use their “pinchy fingers” for proper pencil grasp.

Pencil Grasp Development – Educationally Speaking

Pre-K, if you need to get some movement inside the house, you can show your family some of the yoga movements we have done!  Linked below is one of our Cosmic Kids Yoga videos that we have done in the classroom.

Cosmic Kids Yoga- Betsy the Banana

Next week we are going to read more stories and sing more songs about the upcoming holiday, Easter, and I have some fun Easter egg and bunny activities for us to do!


Mrs. Lawrence

Hello Pre-K!

Hi Pre-K!  I made you a short video on my last day of Spring break to share with you about how I spent my Spring break.  Many of you have sent me pictures and videos of your Spring break adventures and I have loved receiving them.  Feel free to send to my email if you haven’t already!

Hello Pre-K!

Here are some pictures of the activities I talked about in my video!


I worked hard to finish this 1000 piece puzzle!


I did yoga- like how we sometimes have done Cosmic Kids Yoga in class!


I baked a few batches of muffins!  These ones are lemon poppy seed (although I forgot to buy poppy seeds- oops!)


I played some games with my family!

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Spring break, too!

Mrs. Lawrence


Rainbow Fish

Welcome back everyone after our Winter Break- I hope everyone was excited to come back to school after their week off.  For the next few weeks in Pre-K, we will be still focusing on kindness and also looking at rainbow colours in our stories, songs and the activities we do.  This week we focused on the story Rainbow Fish and next week we will be focusing on the story Elmer.  Both stories allow us to discuss how we can be kind as well as how everyone is different.  This also fit in well with Pink Shirt Day where we were able to celebrate kindness as well.

Rainbow Fish


Both books also focus on the colours of the rainbow.  This week we completed a fun Rainbow Fish craft that you can check out in the hallway.  We have also been singing a rainbow song to teach us the colours of the rainbow.  Make sure to show your child this song and encourage them to sing along!

I Can Sing a Rainbow

We learn through play everyday in Pre-K and I wanted to share with you some pictures of our play opportunities this week.  We are developing our skills related to turn taking, problem solving, language and communication and independence through all play in our classroom, the gym and even outside.



  • We have one Family Oriented Programming session left this year.  On Friday, March 13th I will be hosting the session Language and Literacy With Your Child’s Teacher in our Pre-K classroom.  The session will run from 9:30 am – 11:30 am and we will read stories, make a craft, have snack and play together!  You can sign up here: FOP registration
  • There is No School March 23-26 for Spring Break.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Pre-K families!  We had so much fun celebrating in Pre-K this week and have been celebrating kindness all month with many kindness songs, stories, crafts and activities.  I hope everyone enjoyed the video I shared through Fresh Grade of our classes singing our HEART song.  Through this song we are developing our letter recognition skills and we all worked so hard to follow along with the song and clap at the appropriate times.

HEART song

We have had many classroom discussions about how we can be kind.  We each were able to share an idea to contribute to our classroom kindness tree.  Ask your child how they can be kind!


Below are pictures of our special activities for Valentine’s Day.  We played Valentine’s BINGO, decorated Valentine’s bags, delivered Valentine’s and prepared and enjoyed a delicious fruit salad together.  Thank you, parents, for sending in fruit to contribute to our Friendship salad.



  • No School the week of February 17 – 20th.
  • Pink Shirt Day is on Wednesday, February 26th and Thursday, February 27th.

Have a great week off and I will see you on February 24th and 25th!

Mrs. Lawrence

The Biggest, Best Snowman

To end the month of January we had another week of fun winter learning!  We enjoyed lots of time outside playing, completed a snowman and snowflake craft and read stories, sang songs and said poems all about snowmen and snowflakes!  I have linked below the two stories we read about snowmen this week.

The Biggest, Best Snowman

Snowman Magic

We developed our fine motor skills this week through our two crafts.  We were excited to finish our marshmallow snowmen and get to take them home.  We also made snowflakes by beading on pipe cleaners.


Below is a new poem that we have been reciting.  Have your child show you the actions and make sure they are counting down on their fingers!

Five Little Snowmen

Everyone was excited to discover a new dramatic play center on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  We now have a vet clinic in our classroom.  Students can play the roles of veterinarian, receptionist and pet owner.  Ask your child what their favourite part of the vet clinic is!




  • No School the week of February 17th – February 20th.


Valentine’s Day Activities in Pre-K:

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in Pre-K on Wednesday, February 12th for the M/W Class and Thursday, February 13th for the T/TH class.  We will be doing Valentine’s Day themed activities throughout the morning. If your child would like to send Valentine’s to give to their classmates there are 16 children in the M/W class and 20 children in the T/TH class.  Please address Valentine’s To: Friend to make distribution easy. For snack on our Valentine’s Special Day we are going to make a “Friendship salad”. If you could send a small container of a fruit of your choice, we are going to combine everyone’s to make a fruit salad that we all get to share.  Please also send what you would normally send your child for snack!

Thank you!

Mrs. Lawrence


The Snowy Day

Welcome back everyone, after a very cold week last week!  It was so nice to have everyone back at school and we were grateful to get to enjoy the nicer weather- we were able to spend lots of time outside this week!  This week we continued with our snow and snowmen theme and and all enjoyed the story The Snowy Day.  A fun movement song that we have been singing and doing the actions to is Winter Hokey Pokey.  This song tells us how we need to dress to go outside in the winter, teaches us about right and left as well as in and out, and is just a fun way for us to get moving!  Have your child sing and do the actions to this song for you!

The Snowy Day Story

Winter Hokey Pokey

We are working on developing our scissor skills in Pre-K.  We have worked on cutting crafts where we have to cut on strips of paper to complete a craft.  Check out the snowmen we made in the hallway all from cutting and gluing!  We also have been working on our pre-printing skills such as drawing shapes.  We started marshmallow snowmen this week that will allow us to develop this skill.  We traced circles with glue and then added marshmallows for the snow and next week we will finish them by drawing on eyes, nose, buttons, etc.

snowman- cutting

A new routine in our classroom is also allowing us to develop our pre-printing skills as well as letter recognition skills.  Upon entering the classroom after signing in with our name tag, we find our name on the table and match our letters with clothes pins.  We then can trace the letters in our name with a white board marker or print our name on the whiteboard table with a marker.  It is amazing to see the progress that everyone has made with this activity in just a few short weeks!


  • Family Oriented Programming sessions at Bentley School coming up: February 14th- Kid’s Have Stress, Too! March 13th- Literacy & Language with Mrs. Lawrence.  Sign up here: FOP registration
  • Stay tuned for Valentine’s Day Activities in Pre-K!
  • No School the week of February 17th – February 20th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all Pre-K families!  I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas break and got to spend lots of time with friends and families.  It was so great to hear all about your Christmas festivities and adventures this week- all of the Pre-K students were so excited to share.

Pre-K students were also excited about the new dramatic play centre in our classroom.  We now have a library where students can check out books and look at them in the loft.  Students can also be the librarian, the book shelver and the story time reader.  This centre promotes great collaboration and turn taking skills as well as a love of literacy.  We are looking forward to checking out our school library next week.

In Pre-K this month we will be doing lots of activities to do with snow and snowmen- I am so glad we have lots of snow outside to also discover and play in.  We were happy to get outside Monday and Tuesday of this week before it got too cold!  This week, we read stories by Caralyn Buehner; Snowmen at Night and Snowmen All Year.  These stories allow us to explore our imagination and promote great classroom discussions about what we would do with a magic snowman of our own.

Snowmen at Night

Snowmen All Year

We used the illustrations from Snowmen at Night to inspire our art project this week.  We coloured coffee filters with markers and then sprayed them to illustrate the colours in the sky.  We then glued on small, medium and big circles for our snowmen.  These beautiful creations are hanging from the ceiling in our classroom.

Below is the poem we are currently learning and using our fingers to practice counting. See if your child can remember how it goes and the actions!

Winter Songs for Preschoolers


  • Scholastic book orders due Thursday, January 16th.  You can place your order here: Scholastic
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten registration for next year is now open!  Please follow the link sent to you by email.  Please let me know if you have any questions!
  • We have more great Family Oriented Programming sessions planned between January and March.  Check out all of the sessions here: FOP.  These sessions are free to attend and you can attend in any community.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence