All about snow and snowmen!

We are so excited to be back learning in the classroom! We had such a fun week back and our learning was themed with snow and snowmen. We read snowmen stories, made a fun snowflake craft and learned a new poem! I am sharing below a fun story about snowmen at night, you can ask your child what they think snowmen do at night. I am also sharing the story Snowman Magic, which is another fun snowman story that we read this week.

Snowmen at Night Story

Snowman Magic

We made a snowflake craft this week to develop our fine motor skills. We first had to cut strips of paper into squares and then glue onto the snowflake lines. Then we got to cover it in glitter!

Here is a poem we are learning in the classroom. When reading it with your child see if they can hold up the correct number of fingers and do the actions!

Winter Songs for Preschoolers | Preschool songs, Winter preschool, Winter  songs

We have a new dramatic play center in our classroom! Students have been loving our “Pre-K Workshop” where they can fix a car and work with tools. They are developing important language and communication skills as well as fine motor skills and turn taking skills through this fun play center.


  • Pre-K Registration for 2021-2022 is now open! The registration deadline is March 31st. Returning students will need to complete the “2021-2022 BFPA Registration Form (Returning BFPA Students)” through Parent Portal. New students will follow this link: New Student Registration link. For more information go to the website: or reach out to me at any time!
  • I also wanted to share a promotional BFPA video as it contains information about registration and features some photos from our classroom! Check it out here!
  • Kindergarten Registration for 2021-2022 is now open! All current Pre-K students of Kindergarten age for next year would have received an email with instructions to register. More information can also be found here.

Have a great weekend and I can’t wait for another fun week ahead!

Mrs. Lawrence

Pre-K Activities: Jan. 6/7th

Hello, Pre-K! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break, I can’t wait to hear all about the fun adventures you had! We are going to complete some fun activities at home before we can be back in the classroom together next week. We also have optional class Google Meets this morning at 10:00 am for the M/W class and Thursday at 10:00 am for the T/TH class. Information and the links are being sent to your email the morning of the scheduled meet.

Our activities today are going to be all about snow and snowmen as that will be our theme for the month of January!

The Snowy Day Story

Snowman songs you can sing at home:

Little Snowflake (point to your hand, head and nose as you sing this song!)

I’m a Little Snowman (point to your eyes, nose, head and count to 3 with this song)

5 Little Snowmen Standing in a Row (show numbers 1-5 with your fingers with this song)

Marshmallow snowman craft:

This craft is always a hit in the classroom, but this year, I thought it would be best to complete it at home instead of in the classroom. You will need a piece of construction paper, a marker or crayon, white glue and mini marshmallows (or another white material such as pom poms or cotton balls).

First, parents, draw three circles on the piece of construction paper for your child to make a snowman. Next, have your child dip one mini marshmallow at a time in white glue and then place on the circle. This is great fine motor practice for “pincer fingers” when picking up the marshmallows. Have them continue until all 3 circles are covered in marshmallows. When the snowman dries, you can have them draw on features such as eyes, nose and mouth, buttons, etc.

Name Snowman:

This is another snowman craft you could complete. First, count the letters in your name. Then, parents can help cut out that many white circles and then add one more for the face. Then, parents can write a letter per circle and have their child trace, or the child can do this themselves if they are ready. Then have the child draw the snowman’s face on a white circle. Finally, glue the circles together in the correct order on a piece of construction paper to make a snowman!

Sensory Play: Fake Snow (Moon Sand)

  • You will need: 8 cups flour and 1 cup baby oil (or could half this recipe)
  • Mix the ingredients together with your hands and you have your fake snow!
  • Try and make snowballs!

Another recipe for fake snow that I have not trialed, calls for one box of cornstarch and shaving cream in small amounts, which you would also mix together with your hands!

Snow Painting:

I hope you are able to get out and play in the snow this week! Remember to practice getting dressed independently (look at the Dec. 9th post for how to get ready for outside in Pre-K!). Here is a fun activity you can do outside!

A great way to reuse dried out markers is to snow paint.  You can let the markers soak in water and then transfer the now coloured water to an empty bottle (spray bottles or empty dish soap bottles work well) and let your child use this to paint the snow.  You could also add a bit of washable paint or food colouring to water if you don’t have markers to use.

reuse dried markers

Here is a winter themed Cosmic Kids Yoga video for you to follow along with for some gross motor fun!

I hope you enjoy these activities at home and I can’t wait to see everyone back in the classroom next week!

Mrs. Lawrence

Important return from Christmas break reminder

Hello Pre-K families,

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas break.  We had so much fun in the classroom the last two days and I’m so grateful we were able to be together before the break.

As an important reminder, we are on Christmas break from Dec. 23rd – Jan. 5th.  For Jan. 6th and 7th, learning will be at home and you can access learning opportunities from this classroom website.  I will be posting activities on Wed. Jan. 6th in the morning.  

I will also be holding optional class Google Meets on Wed. Jan. 6th at 10:00 am for the M/W class and Thurs. Jan. 7th at 10:00 am for the T/TH class.  We will have a sharing activity where each child has a turn sharing something about their Christmas break.  They are welcome to bring one item to show us if they would like.  I will send you the links to these Google Meets by 9:00 am on the morning of the scheduled meet.

We will return to the classroom on Mon. Jan. 11th for the M/W class and Tues. Jan. 12th for the T/TH class.  

Merry Christmas! Here is a picture of our classroom Christmas tree that everyone contributed to!

Mrs. Lawrence

Pre-K Activities- Dec. 16th

Good morning, Pre-K! I hope everyone enjoys the activities posted today! Parents, as a reminder, we have an optional Google Meet this morning at 10:00 am for the M/W class and tomorrow at 10:00 am for the T/TH class. The meet links were sent to your email, if you can’t find, please send me a quick email!

We are going to begin this morning by listening to a story about Santa.

Mrs. Lawrence reads Careful, Santa!

Here is another story that is similar to “Careful, Santa!” but is called “Hurry, Santa!”

Mrs. Lawrence reads Hurry, Santa!

Fine motor/name & letter recognition activity:

I am providing an activity to practice our fine motor skills and also to practice recognizing our name and the letters in our name. We practice our name recognition skills every day in Pre-K by finding our name on our locker, at our snack table, at our dot for circle time and we check in to the classroom by finding our name and placing it in the pocket chart.

You will need paper, a marker and my example uses small stickers but you could also q tip paint or finger paint along the letters or make dots with BINGO daubers or markers along the letters. Start by writing your child’s name in big letters on a piece of paper (or even just the first letter of their name, I shortened my name to make the letters big enough). They may even be able to write their first letter themselves. Then have them trace the letters in their name with either stickers like I used or paint/draw dots along their name.

Sensory Play: sensory play includes activities that stimulate our senses such as touch and smell. Activities that incorporate sensory play allow us to explore and create through playful experiences. I have included a few Christmas themed sensory play activities below.

It can be so much fun to paint with different items! Explore painting with bows with your child just for fun, it does not need to look a certain way!

A candy cane salt tray is a great way for us to practice our fine motor skills such as proper pencil grasp as well as practice our drawing skills (try circles and squares) and maybe even our name or first letter of our name! Cover a cookie tray with salt (you could colour it red and add peppermint extract for even more of a sensory experience) and then give your child a candy cane or any other stick shaped item (marker or pencil even) and have them explore making shapes and letters in the salt! There is a picture and link for an example of this.

writing for kids

One more sensory activity is putting ornaments in water and letting your child scoop them from one bucket to the other! You could colour the water red or green with food colouring.

Gross Motor Movement Songs:

These songs allow us to develop our listening and following directions skills. The hokey pokey songs also help us begin to learn about left and right as well as the words in and out!

Winter Hokey Pokey

Reindeer Hokey Pokey

Holiday Dance and Freeze

Boom Chicka Boom Christmas

I can’t wait to see everyone that is able to attend our Google Meets today and tomorrow and then will be so excited to be back in the classroom on Monday and Tuesday next week! On Monday and Tuesday next week, wear red and green to celebrate the holidays for our last day before Christmas break!

Mrs. Lawrence

Pre-K Activities- Dec. 14th

Good morning, Pre-K! Today we are going to complete some more fun activities! I wanted to share the Good Morning Songs that we listen to every morning so that you can show your families all of the actions!


We do the actions similar to in this video but there are a few differences so here they are:

Hello, Hello, Hello, How are you? Wave one hand then the other for each hello and then hold your hands out in front of you palms up for How are you.

I’m good One thumb up

I’m great Two thumbs up

I’m wonderful Pump your fists in the air with your thumbs still up

I’m tired Put your flat hands together beside your head by your ear

I’m hungry Rub your belly

I’m not so good Fold your arms across your chest one at a time with the words

Hello Hello! Can You Clap Your Hands?

This one you can follow the actions in the video!

As is our routine in Pre-K, after Good Morning songs, it is time to listen to a story! I chose a silly story today called: “10 Things You Never Knew About Santa Claus”.

Mrs. Lawrence reads 10 Things You Never Knew About Santa Claus

Here is another video of the story so that you can see the pictures better: Story

Miss Starla wanted to share her recipe for reindeer food so that if you wanted to complete this activity with your child before Christmas, you have time to pick up the ingredients if you don’t already have!

Magic Reindeer Food:

You will need:

  • A small jar (I used a mason jar, but you could use any small jar, such as a spice jar or baby food jar.)
  • Sugar
  • Red and green food dye
  • Oats


  • Colour ⅓ of the sugar with the red dye, ⅓ of the sugar with the green food dye and leave ⅓ of the sugar white. 
  • Starting and finishing with the oats, layer the ingredients in the jar. Be sure to pack the jar to the top with the oats. This will keep things from moving around. 
  • Attach the poem and sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve. 

Here is the link to the poem to print off.

Today is all about candy cane crafts! I am providing two different ways to complete a candy cane craft and feel free to make any modifications you need to!

Reindeer candy cane craft:

The first step is drawing a candy cane shape for your child. You could let them decorate it any way they wish, or have them practice their cutting skills, by first cutting strips of paper for them and then having them cut along the strips to make squares. Then they would glue the squares into the candy cane shape. You would then cut the candy cane out for them and trace both of their hands and cut those out too. They can glue on the hands for antlers and then have them draw on an eye and a red nose!

Candy cane marble painting:

Marble painting is always a fun activity! To complete this activity, you will need: paint, a marble, a cookie sheet and a candy cane shape cut out of paper. You will place the candy cane shape on the cookie sheet with a marble and a spoonful of paint. You will have your child tip the cookie sheet back and forth, painting the candy cane as they keep the marble on the cookie sheet.

Gross Motor Skills:

We often start or end our gym classes with yoga poses as they are a great way to develop our balance and core stability. Cosmic Kids Yoga provides fun yoga videos on YouTube and I found a Christmas themed one for you to follow along with!

Christmas Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

Miss Sam made a video of our Goodbye Poem so that everyone can show their parents the actions!

Pre-K Goodbye Poem

I hope you enjoyed the activities today and I am excited to share more with you on Wednesday! As a reminder, we also have an optional Google Meet on Wednesday at 10:00 am with the M/W class and Thursday at 10:00 am for the T/TH class. If your child is part of both classes, feel free to come to either or both!

Mrs. Lawrence