Bear Stays Up For Christmas

This week we have begun transitioning from bear themed activities to Christmas themed activities in our Pre-K room.  The book “Bear Stays Up For Christmas” provided a great transition.  We talked about how bears hibernate (go to sleep) for the winter and the different animals in the story.

Bear Stays Up For Christmas: Read aloud

We have started some nice Christmas decorations to decorate our Pre-K room.  Check out our Christmas lights on the hallway bulletin board and our Christmas tree decorations hanging in our room!


Our sensory bin has changed into a fine motor centre for the month of December.  Students get to practise their scissor skills by getting to snip different types of paper- construction paper, card stock, etc.  This is a fun activity to work on our fine motor skills and is an easy activity to do at home as well.



  • If you have not signed up for Parent Teacher Interviews, or have any questions/concerns about this, please email me at:
  • Gifts for Grandparents and Christmas Basket items are being collected between December 1st and December 11th.  Pre-K has chosen the theme “Outdoor Fun” for our basket and you can place any items you bring in our basket in the hallway.

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