Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all Pre-K moms!  In Pre-K we discussed why we love our moms and why they are so special to us.  About a month ago we planted herbs for our moms and since then we have been taking care of them by watering them every class and enjoying watching them grow.  We learned that they need soil, water and sunlight to grow.  We enjoyed decorating our pots with tissue paper.  Thank you to Miss Starla for taking on this project for us.  We hope you can enjoy cooking with the herbs.

We read a couple of stories that are about moms.  We read “Are You My Mother?” and “The Runaway Bunny”.

Are You My Mother?

The Runaway Bunny

With a beautiful start to our week, we were able to get outside to enjoy some fun activities.  On Monday, we played on the playground and took our snack outside for a picnic.  On Tuesday, it was wet outside from the rain, but we were able to go out for a walk and had lots of fun with bubbles.  We will be continuing to enjoy many outdoor activities throughout the remainder of the school year.



  • Monday, May 14th is Bright Futures Play Academy’s Community Event in Bentley.  The event will be held at the Bentley AG Centre from 2pm-7pm.  Come out to learn more about the program and for some fun activities for your children.  Visit: BFPA for more information.
  • Old Fashioned Carnival coming up:
  • carnival

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