Rocking in My School Shoes!

Happy 1st week of Pre-K to everyone!  What an exciting week we had!  We welcomed new families to Pre-K and also had many returning families.  I hope everyone had a positive staggered entry day and I am looking forward to seeing everyone for regular programming next week.

You will notice our theme right now is Pete the Cat.  We have Pete the Cat shoes on our lockers and in our classroom and we will be reading Pete the Cat books these first few weeks.  Pete the Cat books are great for social skills teaching in the early years.  They also provide early literacy and numeracy opportunities through colours, counting and repetitive text that the children soon join in on.

bulletin pete the cat

This week we read “Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes.”  We discussed how it is okay to feel a little nervous/scared/sad about coming to school and how Pete felt that way but had a great day. I have linked below the story and song that I would encourage you to share with your child.  You could ask them how they felt about their first day of Pre-K.  There is also plenty of repetitive text in this story to get your child to join in on!



Just like Pete the Cat is rocking in his school shoes, we all rocked our first day of Pre-K.  We made “Hooray!  I rocked the first day of Pre-K!” necklaces to take home.  This was a great opportunity to practice our fine motor skills by placing beads on a string.



  • Next week is regular programming and your child will come every day they are registered in.
  • We will be trying to get outside to play every day next week, so please dress your child for the weather.
  • Keep an eye on Bentley School Website for information about upcoming community events.

See you next week!

Mrs. Lawrence

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