Pumpkins and more!

This week in Pre-K we talked about pumpkins!  We have a few pumpkins in our classroom and can compare them in size, colour and weight. We made a “rip and stick” craft where we ripped different kinds of orange paper and then stuck the pieces to a paper plate to make a pumpkin.  Activities where we tear paper are great fine motor activities to strengthen the muscles in our hands and is the skill learned before we progress to scissors.  We read the story “The Bumpy Little Pumpkin” and were able to discuss sizes of pumpkins and also jack-o-lanterns- we will be doing a jack-o-lantern craft next week!

The Bumpy Little Pumpkin

We have been singing a few fall songs to practice our early numeracy and literacy skills.  “How Many Leaves?” is a great song to practice counting and colours as well as gives us exposure to rhyming.  With the weather changing almost every day it seems, we have also been singing “How’s the Weather?”

How Many Leaves?

How’s the Weather?

I wanted to share with you some of our play opportunities from this week.  Through play we are able to develop so many important skills.  The dramatic play area always provides such rich opportunities for language and communication.  The sand table also provides great language opportunities- this week we were hunting for treasure.

Our brand new light table provided opportunities for shape exploration this week.  We also worked on fine motor through our pumpkin craft and colouring and using stickers.  There are always opportunities for letter recognition during playtime, in one of these pictures a student was so proud to match all of the letters in the alphabet!

These are just some examples of how play is purposeful in our classroom!  We play to learn everyday in Pre-K!


  • Our next Family Oriented Programming session is Friday, October 19th!  There are various sessions in Ponoka, Lacombe, Blackfalds, Rimbey and Eckville.  You are welcome to attend at any community. Follow this link to register- FOP.  You can also follow the link to sign up for future FOP’s (many are in Bentley!) as well as express your interest in our Parent Conference on November 30th.
  • We would like to be getting outside more, so please send your child dressed for the weather every day.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence

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