Glad Monster, Sad Monster

This week our theme was monsters because we are getting closer to Halloween!  We focused on a book called “Glad Monster, Sad Monster”.  With this book we were able to focus on emotions by reading about the different monsters and the way they feel.  Make sure to read this story with your child and ask them the questions in the story- “What makes you glad?”.  Follow that question up with “How can we tell the monster is glad in this picture?”.  Being able to recognize emotions in ourselves and others is an important skill!

Glad Monster, Sad Monster Story

To go with our theme of monsters, we made monster puppets!  We first painted a paper bag and then the following class we added our facial features such as eyes, teeth, a tongue, etc. and we also added stripes and polka dots to our monsters body.  These monster puppets were sent home- you can ask your child about the facial features on their monsters and how their monster may be feeling.

We have been singing a song that goes with our Halloween theme this month and also relates to emotions.  It is called “Can You Make A Happy Face?”  It is a super fun song that you can have your child sing along to and also make the various faces to correspond with emotions.

Can You Make A Happy Face?


  • For Halloween this year we will be having fun activities in our classroom on Tuesday, October 30th for the T/TH Class and Wednesday, October 31st for the M/W Class, but Pre-K students do not wear costumes to school.  We will be doing Halloween themed activities such as face painting, crafts, stories, songs and games, but will be keeping the activities relatively low key.  

See you next week!

Mrs. Lawrence

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