Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful Christmas break.  It has been so nice to see everyone again and hear all about everyone’s Christmas adventures.  This week I was so happy to see everyone so excited to be back at school, everyone is getting so comfortable in our Pre-K environment and the next few months we are going to see such significant growth in students!

This week we read a story called “The Snowy Day” and we completed some snow crafts.  We used our cutting skills to make a snowflake that you can see on the bulletin board outside of our classroom.  Students had to cut strips of paper into squares and then glue them onto the lines for their snowflake.  They they got to cover their snowflake in glitter! We also made a snowman looking up into the sky with the snow falling down.  This week focused on crafts with multiple directions so students really had to use their listening skills in order to complete the crafts in the correct order. This is an important skill that we will continue to work on.  Over the next few weeks we will also continue with more snow/snowmen songs, stories and crafts!


The Snowy Day

This is a song we have been singing that helps teach us our body parts as well as positional concepts:

snowflake on my nose

We also have a new, exciting dramatic play center in our classroom.  We have an automobile shop where students can be mechanics and work on the car that needs to be fixed.  They can also be the receptionist at the automobile shop or the customer that is bringing the car in.  We also have a work bench in this center where students can use hammers and golf tees with boxes- this has been a hit!


  • Please continue to dress your child for the winter weather including snow pants so that we can get outside to play in the snow.
  • Scholastic book orders are due on Thursday, January 17th.  Please order online at: Scholastic
  • I am looking for volunteers to make play doh for our classroom! There is a sign up sheet outside of our classroom door. Thanks so much to parents that are able to contribute to our classroom in this way!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence


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