Snowmen at Night

This week we continued to focus on snowmen stories, songs and a fun craft.  We read two stories this week by the same author: “Snowmen at Night” and “Snowmen at Work”.  In these stories the background in the illustrations is the sky in different colours.  We used this idea for a snowman craft.  We used markers to colour a coffee filter and then sprayed it with water to see the colours blend.  We then glued on three different sizes of circles to make a snowman.  Colouring with markers and spraying with a spray bottle are both great activities to develop our hand strength.  Completing the snowman allowed us to discuss small, medium and large and how to make our snowman in the correct order.  Our snowmen are hanging in our classroom and make a beautiful decoration!

Snowmen at Night

Snowmen at Work

We have also been saying a snowman poem every day.  This is very similar to “5 Little Pumpkins” which we learned in October.  It has many of the same actions.  Have your child hold up 5 fingers and say the poem with them.  After saying the poem with your child ask them why the snowmen are waving goodbye.

snowman poem

We had so much fun getting outside to play this week!  We were able to talk about the foggy weather and the frost on the trees.  The playground was slippery because of the weather and we flew down the slides!  Thank you , parents, for sending all of our winter gear.  Outdoor play provides so many great learning experiences!


  • Pre-K registration for 2018/2019 is now open for new and returning students.  You can follow this link to register: Pre-K 2018/2019 Registration
  • Friday, January 25th there is a Family Oriented Programming session in Bentley called Coordination Difficulties which is being presented by an Occupational Therapist.  This session is at Bentley School and will run from 9:30 am- 11:30 am.  You can sign up for this FOP session here: FOP Registration

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence


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