Winter Fun

For the last week in January we finished up some fun snow activities.  We read two stories this week about the fun activities we can do in the snow.  We read “So Much Snow!” by Robert Munsch and “Pete the Cat Snow Daze”.  In the story “So Much Snow” we focused on the rhyming words in the story.  In the story “Pete the Cat Snow Daze” we focused on all of the things we can do in the snow.  If we get more snow this weekend we will be able to do more of these activities!

So Much Snow!

Pete the Cat Snow Daze

We completed a water colour snowflake and another marshmallow craft. Instead of marshmallow snowmen, this week students had to trace the first letter of their name with marshmallows.  Again, they first traced their letter with glue and then placed marshmallows on their letter.  This was a fun way to practise pre printing skills.  We also were able to get outside this week- ask your child about the other side of the playground we visited for the first time!

Here are some pictures of our learning opportunities this week:



  • Valentine’s information went out in an email and is also posted by the Pre-K door!
  • No School Monday, February 18th.
  • Pre-K registration for 2018/2019 is now open for new and returning students.  You can follow this link to register: Pre-K 2018/2019 Registration
  • Kindergarten Registration will be open on February 1st.  You will be sent a link on that day to register.  Please check here for more information: Kindergarten Registration
  • Friday, February 8th there is a Family Oriented Programming session in Bentley called Getting Grammar Going which is being presented by our Speech Language Pathologist.  This session is at Bentley School and will run from 9:30 am- 11:30 am.  You can sign up for this FOP session here: FOP Registration

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence

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