We’re Going on a Nature Hunt!

The last few weeks of Pre-K are going to be all about nature and we are going to spend lots of time outside!  This week we read the story “We’re Going on a Nature Hunt” and we went into the school grounds on a scavenger hunt.  We each had a bag that had different colours on it.  We had to find something from nature that was each colour.  We found items such as leaves, pine cones and feathers.  Make sure to ask your child what they were most excited to find in nature!

nature hunt

We’re Going on a Nature Hunt

We were so excited this week to come to school to discover that our caterpillars had turned into butterflies over the weekend!  We spent time watching them fly around their net and then it was time to set them free outside.  What a neat opportunity it was to have caterpillars and then butterflies in our classroom, I think everyone is going to miss them!



  • Monday, June 3rd and Tuesday, June 4th Kerry Wood Nature Center is coming to our class to provide us a presentation all about spring and nature.  We will be spending about an hour outside on these days, so please dress your child for the weather.
  • Wednesday, June 5th and Thursday, June 6th all students going to Kindergarten will be spending an hour in Mrs. Henry’s classroom to get familiar with the room and do some activities with her.
  • Monday, June 10th and Tuesday, June 11th we will be doing special activities outside and saying goodbye to Mrs. Lawrence as she is away June 12th – June 14th.
  • T/TH class last day is Thursday, June 13th.
  • M/W class last day of school is Friday, June 14th.

See you next week!

Mrs. Lawrence


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