November Updates in Pre-K

We have had a busy and fun last two weeks in Pre-K!  We have continued our social emotional learning and read many stories that are about how we are feeling and what we can do with those feelings.  Last week we focused on “Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses”.  This was a fun book because we already have a love for Pete the Cat and his stories that have repetitive text that students can read along with.  It taught us that when we have small problems we can may get upset or frustrated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t solve those problems and have a good day.  We worked really hard on a craft where we were able to make our very own Pete.  We are improving our ability to follow directions and our fine motor skills such as cutting.  If you haven’t already, check out our Pete the Cat’s in the hallway!


Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

For this week and next week, we will be focusing on bear books and how the bears are feeling in the books.  We will be reading Nick Bland stories such as “The Very Cranky Bear”, which is the story we focused on this week.  Check out any of Nick Bland’s stories and not only emphasize the emotions in the stories but also all of the rhyming words.  Also, make sure to ask your child about the bear craft we are working on, specifically, how we painted the bear’s fur.  We are also singing a song about a bear to teach us positional concepts.

The Very Cranky Bear

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Thank you, parents, for packing winter gear so that we can get outside and play!  We learn so much through outdoor play opportunities!  This week we worked together to build snowmen, we took turns on the swings and slide and we generally just had a blast enjoying playing in the snow!

Here are some more of our play opportunities from the past two weeks where we are also working on important skills such as problem solving, collaboration and turn taking.



  • I will be placing the last Scholastic book order before Christmas on Friday by noon.  You can order here: Scholastic
  • Pre-K does not have Parent Teacher Interviews at the same time as the rest of the school, but information will be coming in the next week as to when Pre-K Parent Teacher Interview’s are.  I’m looking forward to meeting with all parents soon to discuss all the growth I am seeing!
  • Save the date! On Tuesday, December 17th for the T/TH class and Wednesday, December 18th for the M/W class, we will be inviting parents into our classroom at 11:00 am to hear a few songs and enjoy a treat with us.  More info to follow!

Mrs. Lawrence


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