The Snowy Day

Welcome back everyone, after a very cold week last week!  It was so nice to have everyone back at school and we were grateful to get to enjoy the nicer weather- we were able to spend lots of time outside this week!  This week we continued with our snow and snowmen theme and and all enjoyed the story The Snowy Day.  A fun movement song that we have been singing and doing the actions to is Winter Hokey Pokey.  This song tells us how we need to dress to go outside in the winter, teaches us about right and left as well as in and out, and is just a fun way for us to get moving!  Have your child sing and do the actions to this song for you!

The Snowy Day Story

Winter Hokey Pokey

We are working on developing our scissor skills in Pre-K.  We have worked on cutting crafts where we have to cut on strips of paper to complete a craft.  Check out the snowmen we made in the hallway all from cutting and gluing!  We also have been working on our pre-printing skills such as drawing shapes.  We started marshmallow snowmen this week that will allow us to develop this skill.  We traced circles with glue and then added marshmallows for the snow and next week we will finish them by drawing on eyes, nose, buttons, etc.

snowman- cutting

A new routine in our classroom is also allowing us to develop our pre-printing skills as well as letter recognition skills.  Upon entering the classroom after signing in with our name tag, we find our name on the table and match our letters with clothes pins.  We then can trace the letters in our name with a white board marker or print our name on the whiteboard table with a marker.  It is amazing to see the progress that everyone has made with this activity in just a few short weeks!


  • Family Oriented Programming sessions at Bentley School coming up: February 14th- Kid’s Have Stress, Too! March 13th- Literacy & Language with Mrs. Lawrence.  Sign up here: FOP registration
  • Stay tuned for Valentine’s Day Activities in Pre-K!
  • No School the week of February 17th – February 20th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence

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