Pre-K Activities- Thursday, April 2nd

Hi Pre-K!  I am excited to have a story to share with you below, please check it out!

Mrs. Lawrence read’s Pete the Cat- 5 Little Bunnies:

Here is also the link to the story online so that you can see the pictures better, as well as a 5 Little Bunnies song for you to sing.  See if you can count with your fingers and do the actions while singing the song!



I also wanted to share with you a craft that Ms. Starla, Ms. Sam, Ms. Lyn  and I have worked on in the classroom this week and see if you would like to do it at your house, as well.  Many of my neighbours in Sylvan Lake have been decorating their windows with hearts as a way of sending kind messages to everyone that they can’t see in person and we thought we would put some hearts up in our classroom window, as well, as a way of letting you know we are thinking of you, even though we can’t see you in person.   If you and your family decorate hearts and put them in your windows, send a picture to my email!  Here are our messages to you, that are now being displayed in our classroom window!

Parents/caregivers: please feel free to use any supplies you have on hand to have your child decorate hearts- paper, markers, crayons, glitter, stickers, etc.  When your child is drawing, cue them to use their “pinchy fingers” for proper pencil grasp.

Pencil Grasp Development – Educationally Speaking

Pre-K, if you need to get some movement inside the house, you can show your family some of the yoga movements we have done!  Linked below is one of our Cosmic Kids Yoga videos that we have done in the classroom.

Cosmic Kids Yoga- Betsy the Banana

Next week we are going to read more stories and sing more songs about the upcoming holiday, Easter, and I have some fun Easter egg and bunny activities for us to do!


Mrs. Lawrence

2 thoughts on “Pre-K Activities- Thursday, April 2nd”

  1. This is so GREAT! Thank you for this to the whole Pre-K crew. We love, miss, and appreciate you ALL!
    – Hawk, Rosie, Ang + Blake


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