Pre-K Activities- Tues. April 7th

Hi Pre-K!  This morning I have an Easter story to share with you:

I have linked the story below so that you can listen again and have a better look at the pictures.

The Night Before Easter Story

*Parents/caregivers: after your child has listened to the story twice, to build on their early literacy skills, you could pause after each page is read (on the YouTube story linked above) and point out the words that rhyme/sound the same: dawn/lawn, bed/head, bunny/funny.

I also wanted to share with you a song that you could practice to learn the letters, B-U-N-N-Y, and to be able to clap in place of the letters, just like we did in our H-E-A-R-T song.  I recorded a video of myself singing the song so that you can sing, do the actions and clap along with me!  The first time we sing all of the letters, the next time we clap for the B and sing the rest of the letters, the second time we clap for the B and U and then sing the rest of the letters and so forth.  This is a great song to build on our letter recognition skills!  I would love to see a video of you singing the song, too!



B-U-N-N-Y Song

Our craft for today is an Easter egg craft.  I am providing two different ways you could do your Easter egg craft.  For the first option, all you need is any type of coloured paper.  Parents, use white paper to cut out egg shapes for your child and then using coloured paper, cut strips of paper for them.  Pre-K students can then cut along the strips of paper to make squares, that they can glue onto their egg shape.  They hold onto the strip of paper with their “helper hand” and then cut “thumb up” with their dominant hand.


The second way you could do an Easter egg craft is with paper, paint and a marble or other small round shaped item.  We have marble painted a few times in Pre-K and everyone has enjoyed it!  Parents, to prep, you can cut an egg shape out of white paper and then put it on a cookie sheet or in a container or shoe box, etc.  Pre-K students can use a spoon to drop paint onto the egg and then put the marble in and hold onto the edges of the cookie sheet or container and move the marble around to paint the egg without touching the marble.

marble painted easter egg

This week I would also encourage you to get outside and play as much as you can now that it is a bit warmer!  What activities can you do while we still have snow?  Do you still have enough snow in your yard to make a snowman?  Could you show your family how to snow paint?

Snow painting:

At school, we have reused our dried out markers to snow paint.  We let the markers soak in water and then transfer the now coloured water to an empty bottle (spray bottles or empty dish soap bottles work well) and let everyone use this to paint the snow.  You could also add a bit of washable paint or food colouring to water if you don’t have markers to use.

reuse dried markers

Busy bins are also a great way to target early childhood developmental skills (fine motor, early literacy and numeracy) through playful activities.  I loved having busy bins in the classroom because they were always available for students to grab and because all items stayed in the bin, it made for easy clean up.  Each week I will share 1 or 2 busy bin ideas and these could be bins that are always available for your child to grab.

Cutting bin:

Create a cutting bin for your child.  Scissor skills are an important fine motor skill that can be developed through a cutting busy bin for your child.  In the classroom, I always had a cutting busy bin and it was always being used!  I often just used construction paper and drew different lines for them to cut on but I have also just put ribbon in the cutting bin or straws, you can include many types of materials and you can always be switching it up!

As always, feel free to complete any of these activities over the week and adapt them in any way that works better for your family.  Please email me if you have any questions about any of the activities.  As always, feel free to send me a picture of your child completing one of the activities above!

Mrs. Lawrence

*Check out Bentley School on Facebook to take part in Panther Wednesday’s!  Here are April’s spirit days:

Bentley spirit days



4 thoughts on “Pre-K Activities- Tues. April 7th”

  1. Hello Mrs. Lawrence!!

    Spencer has been loving listening to the stories whenever you send them. He’s not so excited about the songs and actions but that shouldn’t be super surprising!

    So far we have been working on his letters and he’s working on printing his name! We’ve also been playing lots of games and reading lots of books!

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Spencer 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying the stories and, no, I am not surprised about the songs 🙂 So glad to hear about all of the activities you have been doing, I bet you are getting really good at printing your name, you always did such a good job at school!


  2. Hello Mrs.Lawrence

    We have had an exciting couple weeks at home. We got a bunny his name is Mr.Dibbles. We also decorated our easter eggs. I have enjoyed watching your videos and doing the activities with my mom, dad and Hunter. Hope you are doing well Brook


    1. Hi Brook, that’s so exciting that you have a bunny! I bet you are having fun taking care of him and playing with him. I’m glad you are enjoying the activities and doing them with your family. Happy Easter! Love, Mrs. Lawrence


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