Pre-K Activities- Thurs. April 9th

Good morning Pre-K!  I have some fun Easter activities that I am excited to share with you!  I would like you to first watch the video I have created where I read you a story and show you an Easter craft.

Here is also the link to my video if that works better: Mrs. Lawrence reads Easter Mice and explains craft

Here is another link to the story where you can see the pictures a little better.

Easter Mice story

I also wanted to include a Pete the Cat Easter story since we all love Pete the Cat in Pre-K!

Pete the Cat- Big Easter Adventure

I would encourage you to sing our B-U-N-N-Y song again and I have also included a new bunny song for you sing along to and also do the actions such as bunny hopping, wiggling your nose, flopping your ears and shaking your tail.

B-U-N-N-Y Song

The Way The Bunny Hops

Our craft today is making Easter cards for our family members that we maybe won’t see this holiday, but we would still like to wish them a Happy Easter.  In the video I created I showed you an example of an Easter card Ms. Starla made and I would encourage you to make an Easter card as well for someone in your family.  Parents/caregivers: cue your child for “pinchy” or “alligator” fingers when drawing or colouring and “thumb up” if doing any cutting.  Feel free to let your child use their creativity on this card, Ms. Starla’s is just an idea!

Busy bin idea: Colour sorting bin

Parents/caregivers: if you have empty plastic Easter eggs at your house, they can make a great busy bin activity!  You can include many other materials such as pom poms, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, etc.  Your Pre-K child can then sort by colour or shape.  This is a great way to incorporate loose parts into your child’s play.


Gross motor: Movement game hunt

You could simply write movement activities on cards and hide around the house or if you have plastic Easter eggs you could put the cards into these and it becomes an Easter egg movement hunt!  Either way, I hope your child has fun with this movement hunt!  When your child finds a hidden card, read it to them and they have to complete the movement activity.  Here are some examples of movement activities that we have done in Pre-K to build core strength:

  • Walk like a bear (walking on hands and feet with bum in the air)
  • Hop like a frog (hopping all the way to the ground with knees out)
  • Hop like a bunny (two feet together hopping)
  • Walk like an elephant (walking with one arm as your trunk which reaches all the way to the ground)
  • Slither like a snake (on your belly- make your hissy “s” sound as you slither!)
  • Crab walk   crab walk

Thank you for sending me pictures of some of the activities you are completing at home.  I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I have received:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!  Due to there being no scheduled Pre-K on our calendar Monday or Tuesday next week, I will only be posting once on Wednesday of next week.

Happy Easter!

Mrs. Lawrence


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