Pre-K Activities- Tues. April 21st

Good morning, Pre-K!  I am excited for this week to be all about using our imagination and creativity.   This week while we use our imagination, we are also going to be developing our drawing skills and learning about shapes and counting.  I would like you to begin by listening to me read a story, Not a Stick, by Antoinette Portis.  This story is going to get our imagination going!

Here is another link to the story: Mrs. Lawrence reads Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis

Here is a link to the story to see the pictures better: Not a Stick

As I mentioned after reading the story, I would like you to complete a drawing by starting with a stick but then having it become something else.  Use your creativity and imagine if the stick was magic and could become anything you wished!  I have shared below how I completed my drawing.  I started with a stick, then I made that stick become the string for a kite, and then I added some details such as myself holding the kite.

We can also practice our drawing and printing using a stick, salt and a cookie sheet.  Find in your house something that is like a stick- it could be a marker, a wand, a paintbrush or an actual stick from outside!  Put salt on a cookie sheet and practice making letters, numbers and shapes in the salt with your stick.  Then try just using your finger!


For a movement idea this week, I would challenge you to get outside go for a walk to look for sticks and other items from nature.  The weather is starting to change, as the snow melts, what do you see on the ground?  Can you collect some sticks and make a picture with the sticks?  What shapes are you making?  Can you count how many sticks are in your creation?  Can you talk about your sticks- are they short/long, thick/thin, rough/smooth, etc.

Here is a song we can sing with the weather changing so much recently.  See if you still remember this song, it has been awhile since we have sung it!

How’s the Weather?

Here is another weather song that I would like you to listen to and sing along with.  This is a new song that we haven’t heard yet!

What’s the Weather Like Today?

One last activity for today is another busy bin activity.  This busy bin could be either the sticks you found outside placed in a bin that your child could create with or you could use popsicle sticks and if you have, velcro, that your child could create, make shapes and pictures with.


Here are some pictures of our classmates completing the activities from last week:


On Thursday I will have another post for you and I will have more activities where we again focus on using our imagination.  I hope you are enjoying the spring-like weather we are finally getting!


Mrs. Lawrence


  • I am sharing below the information to register for rural busing for Kindergarten next year.

Newsletter Info Rural Schools

  • Small group Google Meets are happening next week!  If you haven’t already, please email me the day that you would like to sign up for!

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