Pre-K Activities- Tues. April 28th

Hi, Pre-K!  This week we are going to read stories by one of my favourite authors, Eric Carle!  The story we are going to read today is called The Tiny Seed and we are going to read all about the seasons.  Do you remember which season we are in right now?

Mrs. Lawrence reads The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

The Tiny Seed Story

This song is also all about the seasons and we have sung it in school before.  Do you remember how many seasons there are?  What is your favourite season?

If You Know All the Seasons

Today’s craft is a flower craft to go with our story.  I will provide two ways to do the craft.  In the first example, you can cut a potato in half and dip in paint to create the petals.  Then you can use construction paper or marker to draw the stem and leaves.  In the second example, you can colour a coffee filter with markers and then spray with water.  After it has dried you can make it into a flower shape and use a pipe cleaner for a stem.


Flowers/garden sensory bin:

Sensory bins are so much fun and can include so many different materials!  These 2 examples are based on planting and gardens for our upcoming gardening season but you could really put anything in a sensory bin (toy trucks or toy animals, for example).  You can use sand, dirt or soil if you want to make it an outdoor sensory bin and you could use rice, dried beans, sunflower seeds, etc. for an indoor sensory bin.

garden sensory bin-1flowers sensory bin

Movement Game: Hot Lava/Alligator Alley

Use your imagination and play a hot lava game in your house!  You can put pillows or cushions all over the floor and the adult has to call out what movement you have to do to get from pillow to pillow without stepping on the ground.  If you step onto the ground you melt into the hot lava! Movements could be: two foot hopping, one foot hopping, frog hopping, etc. You can also play this game as “Alligator Alley” and the pillows/cushions are islands or boats.  Don’t fall into the water or you could be eaten by a hungry alligator!

Not a Stick/Not a Box activities from last week:


I hope you enjoy today’s activities!

Mrs. Lawrence

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