Pre-K Activities- Thurs. April 30th

Hi, Pre-K!  Today I am going to read you another Eric Carle book, this one is called The Very Lonely Firefly and I think it describes how some of us have been feeling lately.  Watch the video of me reading it to you.

very lonely firefly

Mrs. Lawrence reads The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle

The Very Lonely Firefly story

I know many of us are missing our friends at school.  If you would like to draw a picture for a friend from school, you can send a picture of  your drawing to my email and I will send it along to the friend you drew it for.

Dragonfly craft:

Here is our craft idea for today.  It is a dragonfly made out of an egg carton or a different material that you have at home such as a plastic spoon or clothes pin, but you could even just use paper for the body of the dragonfly.  Miss Sam has been crafting and created a few different ways to create a dragonfly, but feel free to be creative with whatever materials you have at home!


Earlier this week we were learning about seasons and I found one more song about seasons for you to learn and sing along to.

Seasons Song

Movement ideas:

A few weeks ago, I challenged you to an indoor obstacle course and now I wonder if you could complete an obstacle course outside maybe in your backyard.  Here are some ideas for how you could create this:

  • A small table to snake crawl under
  • Chairs to run around
  • Sticks, logs or pool noodles to two foot jump over
  • Mats to one foot hop on
  • A bucket to toss a ball into
  • Buckets to jump over
  • Hula hoops to jump into and do one spin inside

Another movement activity is through I link I have shared below.  Maddox Dance Company posts movement videos that are great for preschool aged children.  The instructor from Maddox Dance Company, Miss Brittany, has provided Family Oriented Programming sessions to our BFPA programs in the past and I have even attended a teacher session from her and frequently incorporate her activities into my gym classes.  Here is one of her activities for you to try out!

Maddox Dance Company Ribbons & Rhythms

She also goes live on Facebook every Thursday at 2:00pm. If you are interested check out her Facebook page on this link.

Little Mouse Activity:

Here is a fun Little Mouse activity from Miss Starla, open up the first link to print and colour the houses and mouse (or draw your own with some help from an adult if you don’t have a printer) and then watch Miss Starla’s video of the activity.

Little Mouse instructions and printables


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I will be sending out some more Google Meet opportunities for next week by the end of the week!

Mrs. Lawrence

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