Pre-K Activities- Tues. May 12th

Good morning, Pre-K!  This week is going to be all about getting outside in nature and I am excited to share with you a story to start our activities!

Mrs. Lawrence reads We’re Going on a Nature Hunt

Craft to take on our scavenger hunt: Binoculars

Let’s create binoculars that we can take outside with us on our scavenger hunt!  You just need a paper towel roll, string and whatever you would like for your child to decorate them.  You could use markers, stickers, glitter, construction paper, etc.

First, an adult can cut a paper towel roll in half and then hot glue or staple them together.  Then, let your child decorate them any way they would like.  Finally, an adult can help put a string through.  Now you are ready for a scavenger hunt!


Scavenger Hunt:

One simple, fun way to do a scavenger hunt outside is to simply put colours on a paper bag and then your child has to find something from nature for every colour.  For example, they may find a dandelion for yellow, a leaf for orange, grass for green, an acorn for brown, etc.  I can’t wait to see what you find!


Here are some pictures of our classmates completing activities from last week:

Cohan also has shared with us that he has a butterfly kit!  Right now they are caterpillars and growing every day- soon they will form cocoons!  If anyone else has a butterfly kit, send me a picture of what your caterpillars look like!


I will have more nature activities for us on Thursday!

Mrs. Lawrence

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