Pre-K Activities-Tues. May 26th

Hi everyone!  This week is going to be all about dinosaurs!  I hope everyone has so much fun with this week’s activities!  We are going to start by reading a silly, funny story called Dinosaurs Love Underpants.

Mrs. Lawrence reads Dinosaurs Love Underpants

This song was always a favourite in school so I would like you to show your family how to do our Dinosaur Stomp song!

Dinosaur Stomp song

I also would like you to practice your counting with this fun dinosaur song!  We have done songs like this before where we not only practice counting out loud but also with our fingers!

10 Little Dinosaurs Song


Let’s make a dinosaur with a paper plate, paint or markers and construction paper!  An adult will first cut a paper plate in half for you and then you will decorate it in any way that would like with either paint or markers.  Then, you can practice your cutting and cut triangles and rectangles to glue onto your paper plate to make spikes and feet.  Add details such as a tail, head with an eye and mouth and you have your dinosaur!


Can you find two boxes (kleenex boxes work great!) that you can decorate into dinosaur feet?  Can you dinosaur stomp around with your dinosaur feet just like in our Dinosaur Stomp song?  Can you also listen to the story Stomp Dinosaur Stomp and pretend you are the different dinosaurs in the story and complete the actions?

Stomp Dinosaur Stomp story

This is another fun dinosaur story that you can dance and pretend to play an instrument as you listen along.

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp

Pictures of our classmates completing activities:

Cohan also shared an update with his butterflies.  I wonder how many more days until they are out of their cocoons!

I will have more dinosaur activities for you later this week!  As a reminder, there are Google Meets Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week- links to join and information about the activities have been sent to your email.


Mrs. Lawrence

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