Pre-K Activities- Thurs. May 28th

Hi, Pre-K!  Today we are going to continue with dinosaur activities!  I am going to start by reading you a story Dinosaur Roar! This story is all about opposites.

Mrs. Lawrence reads Dinosaur Roar!

This is a song that is all about opposites!  See if you can sing and do the actions!

Open Shut Them Song


Can you use your hand to make a dinosaur?  Have an adult trace and cut out your hand print for you and then you can draw the neck and head and cut out.  Glue them both together and then add details!  Make sure your dinosaur has eyes to see and a mouth to eat.  Will your dinosaur have spots?  Will he have claws?  I can’t wait to see the dinosaurs you create and all of the details you add!


Dinosaur Science Experiment:

Check out my video of a fun, dinosaur science experiment!  All I needed to do was sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of my container, add dinosaur toys and then drop on vinegar mixed with food colouring to create a fun reaction!  If you try this experiment at home, make sure to send me a picture or video!

Dinosaurs in ice activity:

Ms. Starla would often put different items in water and freeze them for students to have to use spray bottles or other types of bottles (old dish soap bottles work great!) with water to try and get the items out.  Since our week is all about dinosaurs, I froze dinosaurs in water!  I just put a few small dinosaur toys in a container and filled with water.  I then added food colouring for fun (great opportunity to talk about colour mixing!) and then put it in my freezer overnight.  The next day I put the now ice block in a bigger container.  Your child can then try and get the dinosaurs out using water by spraying or squeezing (great hand strength activity) from bottles.  This was always a hit in the classroom!


Cohan has butterflies!  He just has 2 so far- I wonder how many he will have by next week!


I hope everyone enjoyed all of the dinosaur activities this week!  On Monday I will send everyone the information to sign up for one on one Google Meet’s for your child and myself.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence

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