Pre-K Activities- Tues. June 2nd

Good morning, Pre-K!  I can’t believe we are already in June!  I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful Spring weather!  This week is all about transportation so we are going to start with a fun story called The Wheels On The Race Car.  I bet you can sing along with me in this fun, repetitive story that is a lot like the song The Wheels On The Bus.

The Wheels On The Race Car story

Now let’s sing the song The Wheels On The Bus!

The Wheels On The Bus song

Craft: Painting with cars

This is such a fun activity!  All you need is some toy cars, paint and paper!  Place your toy cars in paint and then drive them back and forth over paper.  See which cars make smaller or bigger tracks, bumpy looking or smooth looking tracks, etc.


Car wash:

This is a great activity for after painting with your toy cars or for any time!  This is also a great activity to do outdoors.  Scrub those cars clean and then leave them on a towel to dry!


Movement: Couch Cushion Course

Check out this video of a Couch Cushion Course from @sensoryseeds!  All you need is your couch cushions and some stuffies.  You can walk, jump, frog hop or bear crawl across the cushions.  Carry stuffies one at a time while doing the movement and see how fast you can get your stuffies from one side of the cushions to the other.

Couch Cushion Course

Pictures of our classmates completing activities last week:

Cohan released his butterflies over the weekend!  He ended up with 8 beautiful butterflies to release!

I am looking forward to visiting with students at our one on one Google Meets this week and next!  If you have not signed your child up yet and would like to, please send me an email so we can schedule it in!  I will be completing a Year End Pre-K questionnaire with your child and will email it back to you as a keepsake of our year.

Mrs. Lawrence

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