Pre-K Activities- Tues. June 9th

Good morning, Pre-K!  This week is all about ocean activities and we are going to begin by reading a story where we can practice our counting called Ten Little Fish.

Mrs. Lawrence reads Ten Little Fish

I have a song for you that we can also practice counting with!  Use your fingers to count the frogs in this song!

5 Green and Speckled Frogs

Craft: Jellyfish

I wonder if you can make a jellyfish puppet!  You can paint or colour a paper plate blue (for water) and cut pieces of string.  An adult will help cut a slit in the paper plate and cut out the jellyfish shape.  You can paint or colour your jellyfish and then draw on a face and glue on the strings and popsicle stick to the back.  You now have a jellyfish puppet that can swim in the water!

Sensory Play: Ocean Moon Sand

Moon sand is super fun and easy to make and allows your child to experience some messy play!  In a container combine 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil (could also half the recipe).  Add food colouring for fun- maybe blue for our ocean theme!  Put some cups and bowls in the moon sand and maybe some small toys and let your child be creative and have fun with what they can make!

moon sand

Movement: Ocean Movements Freeze Dance

Open the link below to see ocean movement flashcards.  You could use these as a freeze dance game.  Tell or show your child(ren) the movement you would like them to do and then turn on some music.  When the music stops they have to freeze and then wait for you to call the next movement.

Ocean movements

I will share more ocean themed activities with you on Thursday!

Mrs. Lawrence


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