Pre-K Activities- Dec. 8th

Good morning, Pre-K! I sure do miss seeing everyone in the classroom but I thought we could still enjoy some fun Christmas activities from home! You can start by reading one of our favourite characters, Pete the Cat, in this story “Pete the Cat Saves Christmas”.

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas Story

Here is another Pete the Cat story that we do not have in the classroom so I thought it would also be fun for your child to listen to. This story has numbers in it so it is great for our early numeracy skills. You can have your child identify the numbers on the screen and also hold up that many fingers for numbers 1-10.

Pete the Cat’s 12 Groovy Days of Christmas Story

I also wanted to share with your families the fun “Santa Claus, Santa Claus, What Do You See?” Poem that we have been learning in the classroom. This poem is just like the story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and we are all learning to say it together.

Santa Claus, Santa Claus What Do You See?

Santa Claus, Santa Claus what do you see?

I see a reindeer looking at me.

Reindeer, reindeer what do you see?

I see a bright star shining on me.

Bright star, bright star what do you see?

I see a Christmas tree looking at me.

Christmas tree, Christmas tree what do you see?

I see a snowflake landing on me.

Snowflake, snowflake, what do you see?

I see a present looking at me.

Present, present what do you see?

I see children grabbing at me.

Children, children what do you see?

We see Santa Claus, a reindeer, a bright star, a Christmas tree, a snowflake and a present looking at us.  That’s what we see.

Here is a link to the poem with the visuals to show your child and practice saying it with them. Pre-K Christmas Poem.

Santa Craft: fine motor skills

I wanted to share the craft I had planned for school this week! It is a Santa craft to develop our fine motor skills such as drawing and cutting. If you don’t have these specific supplies on hand, make any adjustments you need to! The main things are a large red triangle- could use construction paper or regular paper coloured red and a half paper plate or just use white paper for that as well.

The first step involves practicing our snipping skills. Have your child snip along the edge of the paper plate. Remind them to have their “thumb up” when snipping and holding the paper plate with their helper hand.

The next step is gluing on the paper plate to the red triangle and then drawing on eyes and a nose. Have your child try to draw circles and then colour them in! Optionally, you can glue Santa onto a black piece of paper and then use a white crayon or white paint to make snowflakes.

Here is a similar reindeer craft you could also complete if you would like!

Playdough activity:

Playdough is also such a great way to build our fine motor skills! Rolling and squeezing playdough builds our hand strength to get us ready for skills such as colouring and printing. It is also a great way for us to be creative and imaginative. Here is an idea for Christmas Tree playdough using any materials you have around the house such as beads, gems, pipe cleaners- the possibilities are endless! Here is my favourite playdough recipe that you could make with your child:

You will need:

  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 cups flour
  • 4 tsp. Cream of tartar
  • 2 tbsp. Cooking oil
  • 2 cups water
  • Food colouring

Add food colouring to water.  Mix all ingredients in a saucepan.  Have your child help with the measuring and mixing!  This is a great opportunity to practice counting. An adult will then have to cook on medium heat for 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly until it becomes stiff.  Store in a container in the refrigerator to have it last the longest!

Gross Motor Skills: Let’s practice our throwing skills today and also work on counting and turn taking!

  • Set out a laundry basket on one side of the room. Roll up 5 socks into a ‘snowball’.
  • Invite your child to try to toss 5 of the rolled up sock ‘snowballs’ into the basket using an underhand throw.
  • Try starting three steps away from the basket and move closer or farther away as needed. 
  • Give your child a turn to toss all five ‘snowballs’. Count with your child from 1 to 5 as they aim for the basket. 
  • Play again, this time, taking turns and using phrases like ‘my turn’ and ‘your turn’.

Outdoor Play:

By getting outside to play we are developing so many important skills!

Have your child practice putting on their outdoor gear. As they work at getting dressed on their own and do the snaps, zippers, and buttons, they are using fine motor skills they’ll need later on for coloring and writing! 

Here’s a routine we use at school: 

1. Sit on the floor and first put on your snow pants

2. Then put on your coat.

3. After your coat, put your toque on top and put boots on your feet

4. You’re almost finished. It’s time to put on your mittens!

Have so much fun getting outside to play!

I hope you were able to enjoy some of today’s activities! I will be posting again next week with all new activities. There will be a post on Monday and Wednesday next week.

If you would like to send me any pictures of your child completing activities, I would love to see them!

Mrs. Lawrence

2 thoughts on “Pre-K Activities- Dec. 8th”

  1. Working on Harpers fine motor skills. We will work on her scissor cutting skills and practice as much as we can. I definitely slacked on this while she was growing up, always scared she would cut herself haha regretting that now haha – Trisha


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