Pre-K Activities- Dec. 14th

Good morning, Pre-K! Today we are going to complete some more fun activities! I wanted to share the Good Morning Songs that we listen to every morning so that you can show your families all of the actions!


We do the actions similar to in this video but there are a few differences so here they are:

Hello, Hello, Hello, How are you? Wave one hand then the other for each hello and then hold your hands out in front of you palms up for How are you.

I’m good One thumb up

I’m great Two thumbs up

I’m wonderful Pump your fists in the air with your thumbs still up

I’m tired Put your flat hands together beside your head by your ear

I’m hungry Rub your belly

I’m not so good Fold your arms across your chest one at a time with the words

Hello Hello! Can You Clap Your Hands?

This one you can follow the actions in the video!

As is our routine in Pre-K, after Good Morning songs, it is time to listen to a story! I chose a silly story today called: “10 Things You Never Knew About Santa Claus”.

Mrs. Lawrence reads 10 Things You Never Knew About Santa Claus

Here is another video of the story so that you can see the pictures better: Story

Miss Starla wanted to share her recipe for reindeer food so that if you wanted to complete this activity with your child before Christmas, you have time to pick up the ingredients if you don’t already have!

Magic Reindeer Food:

You will need:

  • A small jar (I used a mason jar, but you could use any small jar, such as a spice jar or baby food jar.)
  • Sugar
  • Red and green food dye
  • Oats


  • Colour β…“ of the sugar with the red dye, β…“ of the sugar with the green food dye and leave β…“ of the sugar white. 
  • Starting and finishing with the oats, layer the ingredients in the jar. Be sure to pack the jar to the top with the oats. This will keep things from moving around. 
  • Attach the poem and sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve. 

Here is the link to the poem to print off.

Today is all about candy cane crafts! I am providing two different ways to complete a candy cane craft and feel free to make any modifications you need to!

Reindeer candy cane craft:

The first step is drawing a candy cane shape for your child. You could let them decorate it any way they wish, or have them practice their cutting skills, by first cutting strips of paper for them and then having them cut along the strips to make squares. Then they would glue the squares into the candy cane shape. You would then cut the candy cane out for them and trace both of their hands and cut those out too. They can glue on the hands for antlers and then have them draw on an eye and a red nose!

Candy cane marble painting:

Marble painting is always a fun activity! To complete this activity, you will need: paint, a marble, a cookie sheet and a candy cane shape cut out of paper. You will place the candy cane shape on the cookie sheet with a marble and a spoonful of paint. You will have your child tip the cookie sheet back and forth, painting the candy cane as they keep the marble on the cookie sheet.

Gross Motor Skills:

We often start or end our gym classes with yoga poses as they are a great way to develop our balance and core stability. Cosmic Kids Yoga provides fun yoga videos on YouTube and I found a Christmas themed one for you to follow along with!

Christmas Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

Miss Sam made a video of our Goodbye Poem so that everyone can show their parents the actions!

Pre-K Goodbye Poem

I hope you enjoyed the activities today and I am excited to share more with you on Wednesday! As a reminder, we also have an optional Google Meet on Wednesday at 10:00 am with the M/W class and Thursday at 10:00 am for the T/TH class. If your child is part of both classes, feel free to come to either or both!

Mrs. Lawrence

2 thoughts on “Pre-K Activities- Dec. 14th”

  1. [cid:576C2610-402E-413A-9BB3-27036EA5D62D-L0-001]

    Good morning,
    Anika will be making her reindeer room this afternoon with her sisters. πŸ™‚
    Anika wanted me to share with you how good she is at her letters! I write them on a paper and she copies. Ҙºï¸

    Have a great week!
    Nancy Hansen


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