Pre-K Activities- Dec. 16th

Good morning, Pre-K! I hope everyone enjoys the activities posted today! Parents, as a reminder, we have an optional Google Meet this morning at 10:00 am for the M/W class and tomorrow at 10:00 am for the T/TH class. The meet links were sent to your email, if you can’t find, please send me a quick email!

We are going to begin this morning by listening to a story about Santa.

Mrs. Lawrence reads Careful, Santa!

Here is another story that is similar to “Careful, Santa!” but is called “Hurry, Santa!”

Mrs. Lawrence reads Hurry, Santa!

Fine motor/name & letter recognition activity:

I am providing an activity to practice our fine motor skills and also to practice recognizing our name and the letters in our name. We practice our name recognition skills every day in Pre-K by finding our name on our locker, at our snack table, at our dot for circle time and we check in to the classroom by finding our name and placing it in the pocket chart.

You will need paper, a marker and my example uses small stickers but you could also q tip paint or finger paint along the letters or make dots with BINGO daubers or markers along the letters. Start by writing your child’s name in big letters on a piece of paper (or even just the first letter of their name, I shortened my name to make the letters big enough). They may even be able to write their first letter themselves. Then have them trace the letters in their name with either stickers like I used or paint/draw dots along their name.

Sensory Play: sensory play includes activities that stimulate our senses such as touch and smell. Activities that incorporate sensory play allow us to explore and create through playful experiences. I have included a few Christmas themed sensory play activities below.

It can be so much fun to paint with different items! Explore painting with bows with your child just for fun, it does not need to look a certain way!

A candy cane salt tray is a great way for us to practice our fine motor skills such as proper pencil grasp as well as practice our drawing skills (try circles and squares) and maybe even our name or first letter of our name! Cover a cookie tray with salt (you could colour it red and add peppermint extract for even more of a sensory experience) and then give your child a candy cane or any other stick shaped item (marker or pencil even) and have them explore making shapes and letters in the salt! There is a picture and link for an example of this.

writing for kids

One more sensory activity is putting ornaments in water and letting your child scoop them from one bucket to the other! You could colour the water red or green with food colouring.

Gross Motor Movement Songs:

These songs allow us to develop our listening and following directions skills. The hokey pokey songs also help us begin to learn about left and right as well as the words in and out!

Winter Hokey Pokey

Reindeer Hokey Pokey

Holiday Dance and Freeze

Boom Chicka Boom Christmas

I can’t wait to see everyone that is able to attend our Google Meets today and tomorrow and then will be so excited to be back in the classroom on Monday and Tuesday next week! On Monday and Tuesday next week, wear red and green to celebrate the holidays for our last day before Christmas break!

Mrs. Lawrence

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