All about snow and snowmen!

We are so excited to be back learning in the classroom! We had such a fun week back and our learning was themed with snow and snowmen. We read snowmen stories, made a fun snowflake craft and learned a new poem! I am sharing below a fun story about snowmen at night, you can ask your child what they think snowmen do at night. I am also sharing the story Snowman Magic, which is another fun snowman story that we read this week.

Snowmen at Night Story

Snowman Magic

We made a snowflake craft this week to develop our fine motor skills. We first had to cut strips of paper into squares and then glue onto the snowflake lines. Then we got to cover it in glitter!

Here is a poem we are learning in the classroom. When reading it with your child see if they can hold up the correct number of fingers and do the actions!

Winter Songs for Preschoolers | Preschool songs, Winter preschool, Winter  songs

We have a new dramatic play center in our classroom! Students have been loving our “Pre-K Workshop” where they can fix a car and work with tools. They are developing important language and communication skills as well as fine motor skills and turn taking skills through this fun play center.


  • Pre-K Registration for 2021-2022 is now open! The registration deadline is March 31st. Returning students will need to complete the “2021-2022 BFPA Registration Form (Returning BFPA Students)” through Parent Portal. New students will follow this link: New Student Registration link. For more information go to the website: or reach out to me at any time!
  • I also wanted to share a promotional BFPA video as it contains information about registration and features some photos from our classroom! Check it out here!
  • Kindergarten Registration for 2021-2022 is now open! All current Pre-K students of Kindergarten age for next year would have received an email with instructions to register. More information can also be found here.

Have a great weekend and I can’t wait for another fun week ahead!

Mrs. Lawrence

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