Important reminder & activities from last week!

Brrrr! What a cold week we are having! I am sure missing seeing everyone in the classroom! I wanted to remind everyone that we have no school next week so I will see everyone back the week of February 22nd. I also wanted to share with you some of the activities we were working on last week!

We had been discussing kindness in the classroom and had each completed a heart with how we can be kind for our kindness tree in the classroom.

The Drop (coffee shop in town) had donated some extra large coffee filters for us so we used them to make a fun Valentine’s craft. We used eye droppers to drop pink, red and purple paint into the coffee filters. The colours blended so beautifully and us teachers then cut them into hearts and hung them in the classroom. The kids will get to see them when they return to school!

Another new fun activity we got to complete in the gym with the M/W class last week and we will do with the T/TH class when we return, is an obstacle course in the gym! This was a great activity to develop our gross motor skills!

Here is a fun poem that we have been learning!

Image result for 5 little snowmen riding on a sled poem

I hope everyone is enjoying their time at home and has a great Family Day long weekend! I can’t wait to see everyone back the week of February 22nd! As long as the weather is nice, we will be going outside to play every day!

Mrs. Lawrence

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