Happy Spring Break!

Another week has flown by in Pre-K and now we are on Spring Break! I will see everyone back on Wednesday, April 7th for the M/W class and Thursday, April, 8th for the T/TH class. I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break and Easter. We had fun in Pre-K this week completing many Easter themed activities. Linked below is an Easter story as well as some Easter themed songs that develop our letter recognition and counting skills.

The Night Before Easter Story

BUNNY song

5 Little Bunnies Song

We also completed an Easter egg craft and an Easter bunny craft. For the Easter egg craft we glued on different coloured strips of paper onto an egg shape. These strips could go in any direction we wanted and they all turned out so unique! We also made a fun Easter bunny, check out some pictures below!

The M/W class had gym this week and we pretended to be Easter bunnies on scooters and had to deliver all of the Easter eggs to the Easter baskets. This was a great opportunity to work on our gross motor skills as well as colour match! The T/TH class spent time outside this week and since there was no snow this week (until today!) we were able to colour on the sidewalk with chalk! This is a great way to develop our drawing and printing skills.

Happy Spring Break and Easter! I can’t wait to see everyone back after the break!

Mrs. Lawrence

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