Important Reminders & Classroom fun

Hello everyone! I can’t believe we are almost at the end of our school year! I sent you these important updates by email but will also include them at the end of this post for your reference. I also wanted to update you on all the fun activities we have been doing in our classroom the last two weeks! As you know, now have caterpillars in our classroom! This has become our theme for the last two weeks and we have been completing many caterpillar and butterfly activities. I am linking below our favourite stories to go with this theme.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story

Waiting for Wings Story

We did caterpillar painting with paper towel rolls, potatoes and pom poms. We also made a caterpillar out of an egg carton! A favourite activity for butterflies, was making coffee filter butterflies. Everyone enjoyed spraying their coffee filter with water after having coloured it with marker and seeing the colours bleed together. We also made a butterfly out of tissue paper to decorate our classroom.

With no other classes in the building the last two weeks, we have been enjoying lots of time in the gym to develop our gross motor skills. Here are some pictures of the obstacle course we had this week!

Here are pictures of our caterpillars, these pictures were only taken 2 days apart! Ask your child what the caterpillars will look like when we return from the long weekend. Will they still be big, fat caterpillars or will they be in their cocoons?

Important Reminders:

  • Monday, May 24th AND Tuesday, May 25th- No School for Pre-K
  • Tuesday, June 1st and Wednesday, June 2nd- Spring photos- individual and class photos.  Students that come 4 days a week will get their individual photo taken on Tuesday but also have class photos on both days.
  • Monday, June 7th and Tuesday, June 8th- Pre-K year end parent teacher interviews.  More information about times and signing up to follow.
  • Tuesday, June 15th- last day of Pre-K for the T/TH class.
  • Wednesday, June 16th- last day of Pre-K for the M/W class.

Have a wonderful long weekend and I will see everyone back on Wednesday and Thursday next week!

Mrs. Lawrence

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