Happy Summer Holidays!

It is still hard to believe our Pre-K year has come to an end and we are on summer holidays! Here are some songs and stories from our last few weeks of our “Under the Sea” theme! Our jellyfish puppets were so much fun to make!

Ten Little Fish Story

The Deep Blue Sea Story

Animals in the Ocean Song (everyone knows the actions!)

Here are some photos of our last few weeks!

Spring photo’s came in just in time! Orders can be made online and will be shipped to your house, Lifetouch would like orders made by June 25th. Class photos, unfortunately, have not yet arrived, they should any day. I will either send your class photo home with an older sibling at the school, or we will mail it right to your house.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing some of you back in Pre-K next year or in the hallway when you are in Kindergarten! Here is the story I read both classes on their last day, I will miss everyone so much!

I Wish You More

Love, Mrs. Lawrence

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