October Updates!

Hello everyone! We have been having so much fun in Pre-K the last 2 weeks! I wanted to provide you with an update to what we have been up to in Pre-K over the last 2 weeks and there are also important reminders at the end of this post that were also sent out by email.

Last week we enjoyed listening to the story Spookley the Square Pumpkin. This is a wonderful story about how we are all different! We completed a fun craft to go with this story- our very own Spookley! We worked on cutting on strips and gluing.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin Story

We have been learning a lot about emotions and how we feel. We used the story Glad Monster, Sad Monster to talk about how we feel and we made a monster puppet to go with this story. We have also been singing Can You Make a Happy Face? to also learn about feelings and have fun making all of the different faces.

Glad Monster Sad Monster Story

Can You Make a Happy Face? Song

Here is also the Five Little Pumpkins fingerplay we have been learning! See if your child can recite it along with you and show you the actions!

FREE Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate Poem and Colouring Sheet | Five  little pumpkins, Halloween preschool, Preschool songs

This week in gym has been an obstacle course week! Everyone always loves when we do obstacle courses in the gym and we can work on so many important gross motor skills such as hopping, jumping and balancing.

Here are a few more photos to share with you!


For Halloween this year we will be having fun activities in our classroom on Wednesday, October 27th for the M/W Class and Thursday, October 28th for the T/TH Class, but Pre-K students do not wear costumes to school.  We will be doing Halloween themed activities such as crafts, stories, songs and games, but will be keeping the activities relatively low key.  We won’t be having a shared snack this year either out of caution, but will make the day fun in other ways 🙂

It is also important to note that although the school is holding parent teacher interviews in early November, Pre-K parent teacher interviews are always later in November/early December.  Watch for more information next month.  You are always welcome to touch base with me prior to parent teacher interviews, just send me an email and I will connect with you.

November Important dates:

  • No School on Thursday, November 11th.
  • Thurs. Nov. 18th- Picture day for the T/TH class

See you next week!

Mrs. Lawrence

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