5 Little Pumpkins

This week we continued to discuss pumpkins and focused on the story “Pete the Cat 5 Little Pumpkins”.  Everyone was excited for another Pete the Cat story!  We have also been doing 5 Little Pumpkins as a song and finger play.  When showing your child the story/song have them show you 5 fingers and do the actions- I bet soon they will even know all of the words!

Pete the Cat 5 Little Pumpkins

5 Little Pumpkins Song

This week we made jack-o-lanterns where we painted a paper plate orange and then picked out different shapes to glue on for eyes, notes, mouths, teeth, etc.  This was a great opportunity to discuss facial features and shapes as well as emotions- if the jack-o-lanterns look mad, happy, surprised, etc.  Check them out on our hallway bulletin board!

We were so happy to get outside this week!  The warm weather allowed us to play at the playground and also play with sand toys, dump trucks, etc.  Everyone loved outside time this week and we will continue to try and get outside as much as we can!


  • For Halloween this year we will be having fun activities in our classroom on Tuesday, October 30th for the T/TH Class and Wednesday, October 31st for the M/W Class, but Pre-K students do not wear costumes to school.  We will be doing Halloween themed activities such as face painting, crafts, stories, songs and games, but will be keeping the activities relatively low key.  We would be happy to have two parents from each class bring a special snack. If you would like to send a special snack for the class, there is a sign up sheet outside of our Pre-K door.

See you next week!

Mrs. Lawrence


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