The Biggest, Best Snowman

We continued with our snowman theme for one more week!  We read the book “The Biggest, Best Snowman”.  We discussed sizes again and the order we build a snowman.  We also discussed the winter animals in the story.  We read another book with winter animals in it called “The Mitten”.  Ask your child to name all of the winter animals in these stories.

The Biggest, Best Snowman

The Mitten

We completed another fun snowman craft this week!  Our first step was to trace the circles with glue.  Tracing is an important pre printing skill!  We then had to put marshmallows on the glue.  This made the body of our snowman.  It was another great opportunity to talk about the big, medium and small snowballs as well as the bottom, middle and top.  We also had to add details to our snowman such as buttons, eyes and a nose.  These snowmen turned out great- ask your child to show you theirs on the hallway bulletin board!

Our new job when we enter the classroom isn’t just to place our name in the pocket chart to say we are at school but it is to answer the question of the week.  This week the question is whether we walked to school or rode in a car to school.  We answer the question by placing our name either under the picture of the students walking or under the car.  During circle time I then bring the pocket chart up to the front of the room and we count how many students names are on each side and whether there are more or less students walking to school vs. riding in a car to school.  This provides a great opportunity for students to answer questions, count and compare!  Each week make sure to ask your child what the question was when they came into the classroom!


  • Pre-K registration for 2018/2019 is now open for new and returning students.  You can follow this link to register: Pre-K 2018/2019 Registration
  • Kindergarten Registration will be open on February 1st.  You will be sent a link on that day to register.  Please check here for more information: Kindergarten Registration
  • Friday, February 8th there is a Family Oriented Programming session in Bentley called Getting Grammar Going which is being presented by our Speech Language Pathologist.  This session is at Bentley School and will run from 9:30 am- 11:30 am.  You can sign up for this FOP session here: FOP Registration
  • Check out these great opportunities coming up in our community: Bentley Parent Link 2019  Bentley PLC Winter 2019

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Lawrence

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