Pre-K Activities- Wed. May 20th

Hello, Pre-K!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful May long weekend!  Although camping may be a bit different this year, I thought I would read you a camping book today because I know some of you have been camping already and some of you may go or may just “play camp”  in your backyard.  Since we all love Pete the Cat, let’s read about Pete the Cat’s camping adventure!

Story: Pete the Cat Goes Camping

Here is a fun song all about camping that I think you will enjoy singing along to!

A Camping We Will Go

Imaginative play:

Some of us may have gone camping last weekend, some of us may be going this summer.  Some of us may be camping or having a campfire in our backyard.  All of us can use our imagination and pretend we are camping!  We can create a blanket fort in our living room to pretend we are camping using blankets, pillows, cushions and chairs!  Are you going to read books in your fort, play with your toys or maybe have a picnic?  Send me a picture of the blanket fort you build!


Use tinfoil to paint a campfire!  Crunch up a ball of tinfoil and dip it in yellow, orange and red paint to make the flames on a white piece of paper.  Then, either paint your logs under the flames or use construction paper and let your child cut strips of brown paper to glue onto the white paper, under the flames.


Sidewalk chalk ideas to develop gross motor skills:

  • Draw lines and shapes to make an obstacle course!  Walk on lines like a balance beam, hop like a bunny on triangles, frog hopping on squares, twirl on circles., etc.
  • Hopscotch to practice counting and number recognition as well as one foot and 2 foot hopping.
  • Draw circles and have your child practice their throwing skills to toss bean bags inside.

Pictures of classmates completing activities:

Cohan also sent us an update on his caterpillars, they are now in cocoons!  Do you think by next week they will be butterflies?

caterpillars in cocoons

I hope you enjoy today’s activities!  I will be sending out the Google Meet links for next week by the end of the week- I can’t wait to see everyone again!  Have a great rest of your week and weekend ahead 🙂

Mrs. Lawrence

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